Thursday, 3 May 2012

A Self Evident Truth Lord Leveson!

Hi People

I am hoping that this will be the demise of some of the people who have stood back and done nothing to be of any assistance to me. I am also hoping that the BBC and ITV and the South Wales Echo will come in for censure by the Leveson Inquiry, but that more in hope than expectation.

So here is a copy of the email sent to the Inquiry team:

Subject: What the media try to hide!
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012

Hello there

I would like to make the inquiry aware of a series of blogs and videos that I have produced that it may well find pertinent to its investigations.

They deal a lot in political protest and other issues related to vulnerable adults in the UK as a whole. The media in Wales has systematically tried to hide them and the regional newspaper refused top acknowledge the existence of the protest banners I have produced and displayed outside their head office in cardiff.

I have made a number of complaints to the PCC but how can I put it, Whitewash seems to easy a term. They were rather clever in using their terms of reference to come to a dismissal of your claims but placated me with 'shall write to the editor to let them know of your concerns'.

The complaint is one of aiding and abetting the welsh assembly government in its criminal negligence of myself, as well as many other vulnerable adults in Wales. Also that my then Mp Julie Morgan well aware via emails of the various ideas proposed by myself on the 'sustainability' refused ever to raise the issue of waterwheel renewable energy production, but years later said South Wales Echo did an article based on the site shot by me in a video, urging that it be used for a similar system. I claim that she is an unfit proper person to now be a Welsh Assembly Member, based on her prejudice toward mental health sufferers

The blog address I use is and the youtube channel that I broadcast videos from is iamcrazydave. I do trust that the name used does not put off serious consideration of how an individual can be 'invisible' to the media when they do not approve of what said individual is saying.

Quite often the BBC would be filming other protest at the Welsh Assembly in any which way they could so that their camera angle would not show the multitude of banners I had amassed over time! Hardly something one would associate with a so called 'Public Service Broadcaster' is it.

But I feel that the inquiry ought to take on board this aspect of the media in its deliberations. Had I the means I would willingly attend to offer evidence of how an individual can be made 'invisible' by the media, and left to rot by an uncaring council.

All the Best David Gabriel
I had the following automated reply

Thank you for your email which has been received by the Leveson Inquiry Team.

You will appreciate that we have received a very large number of emails since the Inquiry was announced. Please be assured that all emails are read and considered by a member of the Inquiry Team.

If you have written in with an query, we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have submitted evidence or information to the Inquiry, we will consider your submission in more detail and come back to you if we think it would be helpful to have any additional information.

Kind regards,

The Leveson Inquiry Team

So seeing as its the 3rd May 2012 and the County council Elections are on I shot this video

Now its tweet time.
All the best people   Accountability is All were Asking for!


No reply nor does it look like I will get one but I will add this video as more proof that 'It is self evident from the amount of material here in published that I have indeed been and still am the victim of Criminal Negligence by Cardiff County Council, and the Media all wish to ignore that fact!'

In this I claim that Rodney Berman ought to be in jail for his part in this neglect, rightly so in my humble oppionion, and that hopefully inany inquiry into the matters outlined in these blogs that he be named an Unfit Proper Person to ever stand for public office again.

But that list would be a long one eh Lord Leveson!

With many a House of Lords member cited for their role in neglecting the emails sent them. Or the jobsworth who blocked my email address from any member of the Lords, Commons or Welsh Assembly Government and Cardiff County Council on spurious grounds.

Here's the video deals with th back gate (protection from threats of violence from the upstairs tenant or his work buddy in the next door property) or fencing along the divided garden, requested since 2002!

All the Best People